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Who We Are

Ian Mello

My personal focus lies in supporting organisations to be the best that they can be, helping to create strategic intent and its implementation. I bring over 23 years experience in the public sector, from working in a small mental health charity through to leading as an NHS Executive.

I have significant expertise in structuring and overseeing transformation programmes, most recently having led the engagement, with partners and communities, to deliver system change across multiple differing organisational boundaries in one Borough. Through the relationships we had invested in over time we achieved integration in community services well ahead of other systems. One critical change I drove was the development and integration of the Community and Voluntary sector, investing over £5 million in local charities and social businesses over a five-year period. You can’t underestimate the impact this has on people’s lives for an incredibly low level of funding.

I’m highly personable and quick to develop meaningful connections, comfortable addressing and resolving conflict and happy to take responsibility for executive level delivery and risk management.

Who We Are

Liz Twelves

I work in ways that build consensus, support learning and development, are evidence-informed but grounded in reality. I help make the complex more manageable without oversimplifying. I have considerable experience in facilitation, from delivering large multi-sector development programmes, individual learning sessions and training. I bring a sense of calm, empathy and help to bring clarity.

I have a deep understanding of management and leadership, continuous improvement methodology, organisational development and new ways of working, systems thinking and innovation. I have worked at population level, delivering solutions in public health, health and care commissioning and public service design. I have also worked at service delivery level, closing the gap on service outcomes and supporting people to design and implement sustainable change.

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