Our Work

Here is a selection of our work, our expertise goes beyond on this.

Strategic Implementation Planning

We provided time-limited Programme leadership and management within the NHS National Leadership Academy. Working with the team, helped articulate the strategy and design the implementation plan for the national Building Leadership for Inclusion strategy, designing and recruiting the team and systems and processes to operationalise it.


Recent assignments have included facilitating three new Communities of Practice, delivering a Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body strategic development session, Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Group integration development sessions, and partnership development sessions between charities wishing to improve how they work together.

Design and development of operating, business and service models

Providing expertise and facilitation, working as partner to a large service provider, to a Local Authority supporting their team in the design and implementation of a Wellness operating model, working with a set of disparate services to create an integrated, person-centred Wellness service. This included creating the operating model itself, transition and change management planning, outcome and performance frameworks and supporting engagement with a wide range of system stakeholders.

External reviews of services, programmes and interventions

Providing expert advice to support the review and development of a user-led, primary care mental health service (IAPT). Delivered a contextual ‘landscape’ review to support a Housing Trust to understand where best to focus a significant social investment fund within its geographical footprint.

Partnership Development

Facilitation of two large organisations working under a single contract to develop partnership and practical working arrangements to deliver an innovative multi-modal training programme for frontline staff working with people with multiple issues.

Learning and development interventions

Design and delivery of learning interventions including Quality Improvement training, Systems Thinking, Primary Care Network leadership development programme, Clinical Commissioning Group Commissioning Training and Development.

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