Welcome to our website! We hope it helps you understand what we’re all about. I’m sure you noticed that we’ve chosen trees for our branding. We think they perfectly describe our philosophy. The website is resplendent with tree images taken on our cultural food, architecture and walking travels around Spain capturing our experiences as we have discovered new places, new recipes and buildings and most importantly, new friends.

Trees are wondrous. They are complex organisms and co-dependent. They collaborate to exist and grow stronger. They survive and thrive in the most incredible places.

Trees form communities to share resources, offer help to weaker, smaller trees and shelter them. They have thousands of varieties, each beautiful in its own way. They tell us stories about how the earth has evolved over thousands of years, mapping climatic conditions back to when the Egyptians were building. These stories help us learn.

Trees play a critical role in the whole of our complex world, from providing a home to other life to supporting the whole of life through their vital contribution to earth’s atmosphere.

We believe that everyone is equal and has the right to shape the world around them, to contribute their unique perspectives, learning and gifts. Social justice and equity are basic human rights. Public good is our shared gift to each other. In public services, we need to find ways to hear diverse voices and work collaboratively to create more good. That’s what we try to contribute to.